The NodeJS ⇆ Objective-C Bridge



NodObjC actually has 2 "modes" of operation:


"module-mode" is the default mode that happens by simply requiring the NodObjC module and working with the returned exports. The name of the variable throughout the examples is $.

var $ = require('NodObjC');


var obj = $.NSObject('alloc')('init');


"global-mode" is where the Objective-C symbols also get added to the global scope of the current program, so that the $ all the time is not necessary. Global mode is usually a more pleasant environment to work in, but it should only be used by end programs, and not by modules that depend on NodObjC. To enable global mode you simply require NodObjC/global, and after that all NodObjC symbols will be available globally



var obj = NSObject('alloc')('init');
exports = module.exports = {}
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